Succesful “Tour de Triangulum” in Lighthouse City Stavanger

This spring, the Triangulum project invited the citizens to a bus ride quite unusual to normal ones. The bus ride, undertaken with an electric bus, successfully brought together interested residents, professionals, students and politicians.

During the “Tour de Triangulum“, which took place on 15 June 2017, the guests received answers and information about the local project activities – and had a perfect opportunity to get familiar with some of the persons behind the solutions and the companies involved.

“Experience the smart solutions in the Triangulum project! Perhaps the solutions can be used in your municipality too? Or maybe the smart solutions are something for your home?” was the invitation that should inspire people to join the ride. And more than 50 persons did! The event was a joint initiative of the local Triangulum partners Lyse, Stavanger Municipality, the University of Stavanger and Greater Stavanger.

“As a partner in Triangulum, we have an important commitment to involve the inhabitants. The project is going on for a period of five years until 2020 and is now halfway. The timing was perfect in other words, and gave a nice framework for the event, “says Per Fjeld, Senior Advisor in Lyses Innovation Department.
Stavanger’s mayor, Christine Sagen Helgø, came to Lyse and held the opening speech, followed by a Triangulum introduction by Per Fjeld and Kristian Helland, managing director of the Lyse company Smartly. The participants then received a demonstration of Lyse’s demo apartment, where a number of smart home solutions were installed before the tour continued to the University of Stavanger. Here, the participants received information about the data the university collects in its solution, and how this benefits the inhabitants. Finally, the tour went to the cinema in Stavanger, where a movie premiere presented the new energy centre built by Stavanger municipality.

The Triangulum Tour is planned to be repeated this autumn – a strong indicator that this event was both interesting and useful.

Picture: Lyse