The Triangulum Lighthouse City visits – Encouraging the replication of best practices

The overarching goal of Triangulum’s replication work package is the transfer of successful use cases implemented in the Lighthouse Cities (LHC) to the Follower Cities (FC) and beyond in a systematic and methodological way. An additional objective is to streamline ICT integration between all three Lighthouse Cities and to develop an ICT reference architecture. The aim is to speed up planning and implementation and to optimise the design, transformation and monitoring of potential smart city solutions.

During the year 2017, the Triangulum replication team visited the three Lighthouse Cities: Stavanger (NO) in May, Eindhoven (NL) in June and Manchester (UK) in July. The aim of these visits was, on the one hand, to identify replicable use cases, which can be accessed through a user-friendly replication tool. On the other hand, they aimed at identifying driving factors which supported the implementation of innovative solutions in these cities.

IMG_7580 IMG_7577

The visits focused on the following points:

  • Local innovation eco systems: to understand how local partners collaborated and strengthened the smart city development process.
  • Twinning opportunities: to support replication by identifying regions within Europe and across the world similar to the LHCs regarding e.g. cultural, political and socio-demographic factors.
  • Design principles: to identify agreed rules that guided decision making throughout the implementation process in order to ensure a meaningful smart city development.
  • ICT reference architecture in each city: to identify what mechanisms are being applied, what sort of data is being collected and whether this can be transferred to other cities.
  • Use cases in each LHC: to capture learnings in a systematic way regarding the implementation of use cases in the LHCs, including the supporting factors, financial information, benefits, etc.

All the information gathered during the three visits was presented to the Follower Cities and will be part of the Triangulum Smart City Framework due in January 2018.

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