“Every Thing is Connected” in Manchester from 20 – 22 March 2018

Every Thing is Connected in our Lighthouse City Manchester: three days of events revolving around the theme of Smart Cities, from 20th – 22nd March, 2018.

At this exciting “conference-as-lab” event, Triangulum as well as other local and international Smart City projects will explore how the Internet of Things is connected in a Smart City landscape. They will gather to demonstrate, discuss, network and, of course, inspire!

Day 1 is a day of presentations and workshops focusing on the findings of the SmartImpact project led by the Manchester City Council.

SmartImpact is a European Commission funded network of 10 European cities. The focus of the project is promoting smart, sustainable urban development, creating liveable cities. The event is a great chance to learn about the real world challenges and opportunities of becoming a Smart City.

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Day 2: Experience a Smart City!

The projects will explore Manchester as a Smart City with hands-on workshops, field visits, demonstrations, and deep dives across the Oxford Road Corridor area. Best practices and use cases developed within CityVerve and Triangulum will be showcased. The day’s themes will cover health, transport, energy, culture and public realm.

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Day 3 is a day of conference and art events created by FutureEverything, featuring discussions, presentations and workshops.

As computing dissolves into the everyday, we find ourselves surrounded by millions of connected, intelligent objects. Scattered throughout the city, a bin, lamppost or coffee cup can be a computing device, a sensor or actuator. Invisible agents monitor and influence our lives, largely unexamined and unchecked.
Registration is by invitation only.