Triangulum will participate in sister project’s REMOURBAN study tour in Nottingham on 23 March

Lighthouse project Remourban will be throwing its doors wide open this month when its first study tour takes place in lighthouse city Nottingham, UK. Behind the tour is project partner Nottingham Trent University – named UK’s greenest university – in cooperation with the Action Cluster on Integrate Planning and the Smart Cities Information System. And Triangulum partners will join in…

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Battery Buses are now part of Stavanger’s cityscape

Hundreds of people were celebrating in Stavanger city on 11th February, when the three battery buses funded by the Triangulum project were unveiled. The design of the buses was part of a high school design competition and the inhabitants of Stavanger could vote for their favourites.
At the event, the county mayor gave a speech presenting the project and introducing the high school student who won the competition and created the bus design.

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Citizens’ opinions count in Eckart Vaartbroek, Eindhoven’s demo area

Active citizen involvement as a key to success….. “Samenspraak” (translates as “participation”) was the title of an event in Eindhoven in December, inviting citizens and neighbourhoods to have their say about the planned measures in the Eckart Vaartbroek demo district.
Discussions focussed on the innovative light route which is part of the Triangulum project’s activities. Participants were provided with the latest information and were actively involved in the planning process. A variety of questions were considered, such as what are the specific requirements? How can residents benefit the most? What advantages does the new system have in comparison to “traditional” lighting systems?
Integrating residents right from the outset is a main concern of the project. This inclusive approach creates commitment and therefore guarantees the successful implementation of the measures.

Triangulum Follower City Leipzig – Bringing Smart City topics to the citizens

IMG_7580 IMG_7577

(Pictures: ASW, complan GmbH)

During the past months, the follower city of Leipzig has made an effort to bring the Smart City topic closer to the inhabitants of the focus district in Leipzig-West and, at the same time, to contribute to a city wide strategy.

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Design competition for buses in Triangulum’s Lighthouse city Stavanger receives attention

One of the Triangulum activities in Stavanger is the purchase of new battery-powered buses. This purchase offers a great possibility for the inhabitants of Stavanger: to have a say in the design of the buses themselves!

Students at three Norwegian high schools competed for decorating the three new battery-powered buses. Stavanger County Mayor Solveig Ege Tengesdal told the students that the county wanted a fresh look for the battery-powered buses, and that they looked forward to seeing what creative ideas the students would come up with. Their creativity knew no bounds.

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Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona




The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona is the international smart cities discussion summit linking the urban reality with the technological revolution. The 2016 edition (15-17 November) hosted nearly 17 000 visitors, 591 exhibitors, 420 speakers and more than 600 cities. The event attracts the highest level of stakeholders in the context of urban development and innovative technologies. This year´s debate was held around the topics of collaborative economy, energy innovation, sustainable mobility, co-creation dynamics, open data integration, and the need to invest in education, health and support systems for aging populations.

Triangulum was present in a joint EU SCC projects stand at this leading platform of ideas and networking. Our presence was able to attract the attention of hundreds of visitors from industry, research and public institutions interested in the topic of smart cities and new forms of collaboration.

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