Follower Cities

The first cities that are following the performance of the Triangulum Lighthouse Cities and therefore test the replication potential will be the Triangulum Follower Cities of Prague, Sabadell and Leipzig. Within a systematic approach, these Cities are setting up their own Smart City Implementation Plans, supported by scientific evaluation and conducted in close collaboration with the Lighthouse Cities.

This process will be catalysed through the development of the Smart City Framework as a guideline and decision-making tool, which is based on the ongoing evaluation of Smart City project implementations in the Lighthouse Cities. The Framework helps Follower Cities to replicate Smart City means and measures based upon local factors and to allocate future investments in a sustainable and efficient way. In 2018 the Follower Cities will start the implementation of their own Smart City solutions.

Through providing a further test bed at international scale, the Triangulum consortium cooperates and exchanges knowledge with the Observer City Tianjin in China. Thus the project will further enhance the possibility to open international markets on a wider scale.