Lighthouse Cities

Selected districts within the Lighthouse Cities of Manchester, Eindhoven and Stavanger form the basis of living labs which serve as demonstrators for a European led market of integrated smart city solutions and products.

The Lighthouse Cities represent the main typologies of European Cities. Complemented by the Follower Cities of Prague, Leipzig and Sabadell they build a powerful combination representing urban population between 100,000 and 1,2 million inhabitants across six different countries, allowing to demonstrate successful replication across a wide range of typical urban areas in Europe.

Each Lighthouse City has already made significant progress towards the transition into a smart city through the development of individual approaches reflecting the specific local circumstances. The variety of activities and measures is based on zero / low energy districts, integrated infrastructures and sustainable urban mobility and designed to deliver a wide range of cross-cutting outcomes across different sectors and stakeholders.

The selected Lighthouse districts for demonstration are the Corridor in Manchester, Strijp-S and Eckart Vaartbroek in Eindhoven and the Centre of Stavanger including the Hillev├ąg district. Each of these districts will demonstrate how the integration of smart city solutions leads to a significant reduction of energy demand and local GHG emissions, whilst enhancing quality of life and providing the basis for economic growth and development at the same time.