Discovering the Triangulum activities in Eindhoven during the World Design Event

A dedicated expo on the Triangulum activities took place during the World Design Event, which was held together with the Dutch Design Week from 21st until 29th October in Triangulum’s Lighthouse City Eindhoven. And many of the 335,000 visitors to the Design Week explored this exhibition.

Mayor John Jorritsma of Eindhoven is enjoying the ‘VR-tour’ around the model of Strijp-S

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Triangulum consortium meets in Leipzig for its 3rd General Assembly

From 11th to 13th October 2017, the entire Triangulum consortium came together in the project’s Follower City Leipzig for a Steering Committee meeting and its 3rd General Assembly.

After an official welcome by Leipzig’s Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung and Dr. Norbert Menke of Leipziger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft, the consortium members discussed the project progress and the next upcoming activities. During an excursion the project partners could also discover Leipzig’s public transport mobility stations and an innovative heat storage station.

Picture source: Westbad / Robert Raithel

Adelaide representatives visit Manchester: Discovering the Triangulum interventions

Between 9 and 13 October four representatives from the Australian City of Adelaide visited Manchester and Brussels as part of the EU World Cities project. Whilst in Manchester, Triangulum partners presented the project’s progress on Distributed Energy Systems. This included a site visit to Manchester Metropolitan University’s Birley campus which will host Solar Photovoltaic’s and Electrical Energy Storage alongside energy saving interventions via a central controller provided by Siemens. The following day, presentations from Triangulum partners were made about incorporating Electric Vehicles into a corporate fleet, and also about the data visualisation work of Triangulum.

A delegation from Adelaide, partner city of Manchester on the EC funded ‘World Cities’ project, visit MMU’s sustainable Birley Fields campus

New video features Eindhoven’s Project Milestones

The Triangulum partners in Eindhoven created a video documenting what has been achieved in the Lighthouse City since the beginning of the project. In a timeline of images, the viewer is guided through all the activities carried out during the first two years of Triangulum in Eindhoven. The video is a dynamic document: further Triangulum initiatives which are still being worked on will be added to the video in time.

The Triangulum Lighthouse City visits – Encouraging the replication of best practices

The overarching goal of Triangulum’s replication work package is the transfer of successful use cases implemented in the Lighthouse Cities (LHC) to the Follower Cities (FC) and beyond in a systematic and methodological way. An additional objective is to streamline ICT integration between all three Lighthouse Cities and to develop an ICT reference architecture. The aim is to speed up planning and implementation and to optimise the design, transformation and monitoring of potential smart city solutions.

During the year 2017, the Triangulum replication team visited the three Lighthouse Cities: Stavanger (NO) in May, Eindhoven (NL) in June and Manchester (UK) in July. The aim of these visits was, on the one hand, to identify replicable use cases, which can be accessed through a user-friendly replication tool. On the other hand, they aimed at identifying driving factors which supported the implementation of innovative solutions in these cities.

IMG_7580 IMG_7577

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Supporting the Triangulum Follower Cities in replicating solutions – The Triangulum FC Training Mission

IMG_7580 IMG_7577

The Follower City Training Mission focuses on supporting the Triangulum Follower Cities to replicate solutions from the Lighthouse Cities. The three Follower Cities (FC) Leipzig, Prague and Sabadell have been closely accompanied by the replication team of the project by conducting a comprehensive and tailored training programme during the year 2017. The aim of the different activities is to help the FCs write their implementation strategies. With these strategies , the FCs outline their concrete plans to replicate smart city solutions, providing details such as the area for implementation, technologies to be implemented, costs and funding, reference to the Lighthouse Cities (LHC), etc.

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Follower City Workshop in Sonderborg – “Cities are created to serve the citizens’ needs”

In early October, the Smart City community met in the SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Sonderborg. The two-day Climate conference, taking place from 4th to 5th October, focused on integrated smart solutions for Europe´s ambitious small and medium sized cities, including citizen participation and policy framing. The conference provided an opportunity to discuss how cities, independent of size, can learn from each other.

On 5th October, a workshop was specifically dedicated to the European Smart City project’s Follower Cities – cities that are closely following the demonstration actions in the Lighthouse Cities and are learning from these in order to develop their own smart city strategies and replication plans.

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“Connect and communicate“ – Triangulum partners contributed to Smart Cities Summit in London

“Cities in charge. It’s time to tear down the silos and share knowledge and experiences among cities. Connect and communicate. Include and involve. Citizens need to play a key role” – these were some of the key messages that Stavanger’s local coordinator Gerd Seehuus shared with the audience at the Smart Cities Summit in London. During her presentation she presented collaboration and cohesive solutions from Triangulum’s Lighthouse City Stavanger.

Several Triangulum partners from Stavanger were invited to speak at the conference, taking place in London from 19th to 20th September 2017, to give the audience practical examples on how to create smarter and more sustainable cities.

IMG_7580 IMG_7577

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“Empowering smart solutions for better cities” – Triangulum represented at annual SCIS conference

From 2nd to 3rd October the annual conference of the EU Smart Cities Information System gathered the European Smart City community in Budapest. Triangulum was represented in two presentations at the conference: “Learning in the lighthouses: capturing smart urban transformation in the TRIANGULUM project”, given by James Evans (University of Manchester) and “TRIANGULUM replication tool for smart city use cases”, presented by Nikita Shetty (Fraunhofer IAO).

The conference wanted to encourage the replication of smart cities technologies, solutions and experiences among cities and communities. A mix of classic sessions and interactive methods, the event brought together key stakeholders from cities and regions, smart cities & energy efficiency projects, industry, business, the European Commission and smart cities initiatives.

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