Citizens’ opinions count in Eckart Vaartbroek, Eindhoven’s demo area

Active citizen involvement as a key to success….. “Samenspraak” (translates as “participation”) was the title of an event in Eindhoven in December, inviting citizens and neighbourhoods to have their say about the planned measures in the Eckart Vaartbroek demo district.
Discussions focussed on the innovative light route which is part of the Triangulum project’s activities. Participants were provided with the latest information and were actively involved in the planning process. A variety of questions were considered, such as what are the specific requirements? How can residents benefit the most? What advantages does the new system have in comparison to “traditional” lighting systems?
Integrating residents right from the outset is a main concern of the project. This inclusive approach creates commitment and therefore guarantees the successful implementation of the measures.