Triangulum will participate in sister project’s REMOURBAN study tour in Nottingham on 23 March

Lighthouse project Remourban will be throwing its doors wide open this month when its first study tour takes place in lighthouse city Nottingham, UK. Behind the tour is project partner Nottingham Trent University – named UK’s greenest university – in cooperation with the Action Cluster on Integrate Planning and the Smart Cities Information System. And Triangulum partners will join in…

Partners of the Triangulum project will participate in the study tour, to learn more about the sister project and to share their experiences.

The day will feature a series of workshops on topics such as smart city indicators, innovative business models and integrated planning for accelerating urban transition. And attendees from the European Commission, INEA and other Smart City projects will be able to capture the realities of Remourban’s green endeavours in Nottingham’s Sneiton district and e-bus charging depot during the site visit.

The study tour marks the ever-closer collaboration among Lighthouse projects and will see the signature of a formal collaboration agreement.