Follower City Workshop in Sonderborg – “Cities are created to serve the citizens’ needs”

In early October, the Smart City community met in the SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Sonderborg. The two-day Climate conference, taking place from 4th to 5th October, focused on integrated smart solutions for Europe´s ambitious small and medium sized cities, including citizen participation and policy framing. The conference provided an opportunity to discuss how cities, independent of size, can learn from each other.

On 5th October, a workshop was specifically dedicated to the European Smart City project’s Follower Cities – cities that are closely following the demonstration actions in the Lighthouse Cities and are learning from these in order to develop their own smart city strategies and replication plans.

During the workshop, titled “SCC follower cities needs and challenges”, 12 Follower Cities of the EU funded projects presented the barriers, challenges and solutions they have experienced so far. Over 60 people participated in the workshop in person and many more followed by a live stream.

The Follower Cities expressed their needs and explained what challenges they are facing to develop their ideas. Questions regarding organisational, legal, economic and technical barriers and challenges were discussed along with their possible solutions.

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