Mayors Meeting in Sabadell – Listen and Learn from best practices within the Triangulum project

Sabadell’s mayor Maties Serracant invited John Jorritsma, mayor of Eindhoven to speak about experiences and good practices of the Dutch Lighthouse City.

On 14th November, Mayor Serracant and other representatives of Sabadell welcomed a Dutch delegation together with representatives of Follower City Leipzig and Fraunhofer Institute in order to foster replication activities in Sabadell.

The meeting was focusing on the question: Which innovative solutions are applicable for Sabadell to be replicated?  After an intense exchange on innovative solutions, preconditions and challenges, the visitors were taken around on site-visits to gain an impression about the future soft mobility area in the centre of Sabadell. At the end of the day, Eindhoven’s Mayor Jorritsma was impressed by Sabadell’s enthusiasm about the cooperation and the determination to take over proven technologies and methods of Lighthouse City Eindhoven.  In special, under the Triangulum, there are promising opportunities for replication in both cities in the fields of innovative lighting, start-up acceleration, innovative public tenders, parking sensors and city information interactive panels. The meeting was the opportunity for making an explicit commitment of technical and political cooperation of the city of Eindhoven with the local Triangulum strategy in Sabadell, to be implemented as of 2018.

This activity counted on the economic support of the Barcelona provincial council (Diputació de Barcelona), under the framework of the 2017 Service catalogue of the 2016-2019 Local government network.