Triangulum was meeting in Eindhoven and Lisbon

Triangulum Consortium

Last week has been a productive and exciting week for Triangulum. Starting in Eindhoven, one of our three Lighthouse Cities and ending in Lisbon, one of SharingCities’ Lighthouse Cities, we bring home lots of new and smart ideas, new experiences and of course, new memories.

But let’s start from the beginning and follow us through the week:

  • Tuesday: Eindhoven
    • Steering Committee Project Meeting
    • Eindhoven Site Visits: Strijp S and Eckart Vaartbroek
    • iCity Tender Event
  • Wednesday: Eindhoven
    • Review Meeting with PO Manuela Conconi
  • Thursday: Lisbon
    • Portugal Smart Cities Summit: Sharing Cities project conference
    • 3 SCC1 workshops on branding, smart lighting and building retrofit
    • Lisbon Site Visit: City Hall and Sharing Cities Shop
  • Friday: Lisbon
    • Board of Coordinators meeting

During the Eindhoven site visits, we learned that the former Phillips industrial complex Strijp S has now been transformed into a smart district full of smart offices, smart lighting, sustainable energy supply and much more. For example, a district-wide ICT solution allows its residents to reserve an e-vehicle and to check available parking spaces from their desks. There even is a selfie spot right in the middle of the streets of Strijp S! During the iCity tender event, we learned about various innovative projects, such as BitSensors or Abby Bikes. The review meeting on Wednesday was filled with interesting presentations and productive discussions.


Moving to Lisbon, all SCC1 projects met at the Portugal Smart Cities Summit where SharingCities organized a side event for the SCC1 community. We listened to presentations by Jens Bartholmes, DG ENER policy officer at the European Union, and learned about the added value of the EIP-SCC and SCIS. In three work-intensive and very productive workshops, project coordinators, communication and replication representatives and many more put their heads together to think of new ways on how to improve and get the most out of the SCC1 collaboration that has started in 2016 so that cities will continue their pathes into a smart future. This day of joint events was topped off with site visits to the Lisbon city hall, where lots of energy saving renovations have been and are still taking place, and to the SharingCities shop right in the middle of the Lisbon city centre, where the change that has been happening within the city thanks to H2020 is showcased in order to really involve the citizens.

Finally, Friday morning, the 12 SCC1 project coordinators met to discuss joint activities and experiences. You see, there is a lot you can do and achieve in one week. If you want to read more about the single events, learn about the findings of the joint workshops or are really interested in what the SharingCities shop has to offer, stay tuned and be excited for the next Triangulum newsletter, to be released at the beginning of May.

SCC1 project coordinators