The Smart City Projects meet at Building Sustainability SGBC16



The Triangulum Project was represented at a joint stand together with the other six European Smart City Lighthouse Projects at the SGBC16, celebrated on October 18-19th in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Building Sustainability SGBC16 with WorldGBC Congress Sweden brought together stakeholders working with sustainability in real estate, architecture, construction and urban planning. The 2016 edition of the conference addressed how the built environment can actively contribute to sustainable living and a more stable climate.

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Triangulum Consortium meets in Sabadell



From 10th – 12th October 2016 the Triangulum partners met in the follower city Sabadell to discuss the project progress. Cargo bikes, parking apps, smart home safaris – these were some of the measures that the Triangulum Lighthouse Cities Manchester, Eindhoven and Stavanger have carried out during the last months. The three Follower Cities Leipzig, Prague and Sabadell presented and discussed their ideas for future activities. Two intense days of the project meeting were followed by a review meeting with the European Commission, where the progress of the first 1.5 years of Triangulum was discussed.

Eindhoven iCity Tender

Can you make Eindhoven City smarter? Submit your proposal!

Adjusting the colour and intensity of the public lighting by using a Smartphone, bicycle paths light up as cyclists approach, cameras detect accidents and contact both the authorities and the nearest citizen with a first aid degree… Do you know how a city with ‘brains’ looks like? We are looking for the best ideas and offer innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups funding for the development of smart services and products. Together with the municipality of Eindhoven, TU/e and VolkerWessels we are launching the iCity Tender. A tender for smart city development with living lab Strijp-S as launching market. For more information click here.

Triangulum Onsite Assessment in Sabadell

In the last months, the city of Sabadell, together with its linked third parties VIMUSA, IAS and Promoció Econòmica de Sabadell, has worked intensively in the city analysis prior to Triangulum’s on-site assessment held from 29th February to 9th March 2016. Not only has data with more than 100 indicators and action fields been collected, but also nearly 30 organisations have been involved – other public administrations, non-profit foundations, research centres and private companies – and 12 municipal departments. These entities and departments have participated during the on-site assessment conducted by Fraunhofer, most of them in the interviews as well as in the final innovation workshop held on 9th March in the “Fira Sabadell” exhibition centre.


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Leipzig on-site assessment results presented

Results of the Triangulum on-site assessment in Leipzig were presented at the second Leipzig West Zukunftslabor- meeting held on the 23th of February. A broad range of experts and citizens were invited to discuss and share their visions for the district Leipzig West on a variety of topics relevant for the future development. Addressed were issues like sharing concepts, smart mobility, big data, decentralized rainwater management, affordable housing and micro logistics. The Zukunftslabor together with the Zukunftsforum form the shareholding structure of the City of Leipzig’s first Smart City Implementation Plan.

Leipziger Westen - 5

IMG_7580 IMG_7577

Triangulum Onsite Assessment in Manchester

The on-site assessment in the Lighthouse City of Manchester took place from the 11th to the 22nd January 2016. This assessment was led by researchers from the Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management (IAT) at the University of Stuttgart in coordination with the Institute for lndustrial Engineering (IAO) and the Institute for Open Communica tion Systems (FOKUS) at the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, and TÜV Süd. The corridor of Manchester is the focus area for the Triangulum project.


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Triangulum Onsite Assessment in Eindhoven

From the 30th November until 9th December 2016, the second Triangulum on-site assessment took place in the Lighthouse City of Stavanger. Within the context of the EU-funded smart cities and communities project, Stavanger is striving to maximise the benefits of its Triangulum smart city implementation plan for citizens and local businesses, as well as to achieve a long-term resilience of the local economy.


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