The Triangulum consortium combines the expertise of 22 partners from research, business and cities from six countries: Norway, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic and Spain. Moreover, the partner Fraunhofer through its membership includes a range of additional cities and industrial partners within the Morgenstadt Network. This includes additional countries across Europe and the wider global level.

The composition of the consortium reflects specific priorities of the project. Each of the participants has extensive experience and knowledge with regard to smart urban development and has been involved in national, European or international research and demonstration projects or networking activities in the area of smart cities. The following organisations are represented in the consortium:

Manchester04 MCC06 University of Manchester05 MMU07 SIEMENS08 CLStavanger14 SK15 GS17 UiS16 Rogfk18 LYSEReplication05_FOKUS-logo-BIG-2000x60819 IPR20 AJSAB21 Lpz22 TÜV Süd

Project Management 01 FhG 03 UniS 02 SEZ
Eindhoven 09 Gemeente Eindhoven 23_Woonbedreijf-e1435873703904 11TUe 13 KPN 22_VolkerWessels_hoofd-logo-e1435873698747

This constellation contains all relevant institutions and organisations to deliver cutting-edge smart city implementation. In addition, it combines knowledge and expertise on the main aspects of smart city value chains: With project partners like Siemens, TÜV SÜD and KPN telecom, the consortium has large industrial players that develop, produce, implement and operate technologies and systems in and across the sectors of mobility, energy, ICT and many others. Robust business models and replication will be delivered through them. Strong local companies like Lyse Energi, Strijp-S, Stichting Woonbedrijf and Clicks and Links ensure a strong element of local implementation embedded within local economic structures and value chains. Fraunhofer Institutes and consultancies like Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum use their in-depth experience in technical, financial and legal coordination of complex and large European projects for delivering overall success and integrating stakeholders with innovative technical, conceptual and collaborative instruments, methods and tools.