Within the Triangulum Follower City Training Mission, regular webinars are held to transfer valuable knowledge from the Lighthouse Cities.

During the course of seven webinars with a duration of two hours each, partners from several cities come together for an exchange of information, experience and a discussion.

The following Triangulum webinars already carried out are freely available:

  • Webinar 1 “Smart City Policies and Governance” (17th March 2017)

  • Webinar 2 “ICT Reference Architecture” (28th March 2017)

  • Webinar 3 “Smart Business Services and Innovation Management” (18th May 2017)

  • Webinar 4 “Innovation Procurement” (30th May 2017)

  • Webinar 5 “Citizen Engagement, Developement of Living Labs” (23rd June 2017)

  • Webinar 6 “Financing the Smart City” (6th September 2017)

  • Webinar 7 “Smart and Electric Mobility” (19th September 2017)