Smart Mobility in Eindhoven @Strijp-S

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One goal of the Smart Mobility program on Strijp-S was to present better and more precise parking management information to visitors. Examples are reserved (licence plate) parking, a guided parking route and detailed parking information. By offering this new technology and related services, Strijp-S improved guidance and orientation in the area. By decreasing the time a visitor has to spend, e.g. on finding a parking spot, trips are made much more efficient which in turn leads to substantially less CO2 emissions.


To improve the wayfinding to and then at Strijp-S, the parking hardware has been upgraded. With this upgraded system, a new information and park reservation and management software platform has been developed. Also, the integration of licence plate recognition and personal guidance via LED displays has been implemented. For pedestrians and cyclists, additional route location information has been provided via so called Wayfinders, each of which consists out of 8 interactive and programmable LED displays. Moreover, people can find points of interests and personal navigation tips via the smart mobility map (via website and app).

Green Mobility

To improve the sharing of green mobility solutions, new bikes with sharing options and car sharing solutions have been added at Strijp-S. To facilitate the increasing demand of charging points for electrical vehicles, a complete network of smart (fast) charging stations has been realised.

Lessons Learned

The implementation of these smart mobility solutions showed that it is quite difficult to get people to change their daily parking routines. Therefore, thorough communication about new services and related privacy policy issues is very important. Not only local communities needed to be updated via different media channels about the new services but also visitors needed to be informed, e.g. about the licence plate recognition camera’s.


Smart Charging Station (Picture: Triangulum Eindhoven)

Strijp-S Guidance System (Picture: Triangulum Eindhoven)

Parking Information System (Picture: Triangulum Eindhoven)



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