Meeting on „Innovations in home care services“ in Prague

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Representatives of IPR Prague’s Triangulum team participated in the kick-off meeting of the Platform of Social Live Science on 19 June. The meeting focused on “Innovations in home care services” and was launched by the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre who is the coordinator of the platform and located in Dolní Břežany (south of Prague). The aim of the platform is to strengthen the cooperation between stakeholders connected to the topic of innovative social home care and to discuss innovative solutions on different levels.

During the meeting, several representatives from different institutions presented their approaches for innovative social home care. For instance, Vít Janovsky from the University Centre for Energy Efficiency (UCEEB) presented ideas for smart home care in Prague 7 which are the outcomes of the feasibility study that was conducted within the framework of the Triangulum project. At a short workshop session, relevant questions were discussed.

In addition to UCEEB, other social, health and scientific experts, which were familiar to IPR Prague’s representatives because of local Triangulum workshops, participated in the kick-off meeting as well. The idea behind the meeting was to start a discussion about problems, solutions and challenges of integrated care and to introduce the participants to the environment of innovative approaches for use of integrated health and social care. The focus was on providing support to elderly people using new innovative technologies.

The result of the kick-off meeting was a fruitful discussion about the pressing issue of integrated care and services like data sharing platforms which shall be implemented in the future with the help of  innovative solutions. In addition, the dialogue with local experts will proceed.


(Picture: IPR Prague)