An intensive exchange of knowledge: Prague in the Nordics

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Prague’s local consortium inspired by Stavanger and their Nordic Edge Expo and Conference

IPR Prague initiated a business trip to Stavanger, inviting representatives of the local Prague consortium UCEEB (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings) and the city district of Prague 7 from the social and health departments to join. The aim of the trip was to gain more insights into innovative projects in the field of smart home care in order to support the implementation process of the Smart HomeCare pilot project in Prague 7.

The trip consisted of four main activities:

During the first two days, the Triangulum partner Lyse from Stavanger invited the local consortia from the Follower Cities of Prague and Sabadell to their headquarters to demonstrate the use of the Blink technology. Blink is a video communication device which enables secure communication with peers as well as health and social services. It has, for example, an add-on for health devices like an oximeter. Officers from the City of Sabadell’s social action department and the non-profit association “AVAN” (“Associació Vallès Amics de la Neurologia”) also attended the presentation. The demonstration took place in order to subsequently offer Prague and Sabadell the possibility to test up to five Blink devices in their local environments. In Sabadell, Blink will be installed to 5 “AVAN” patients before April 2019, as a pilot test financed by the Triangulum grant. The patients chosen in Sabadell will be young persons with acquired brain damage suffering from physical or knowledge disabilities. The goal of this technology implementation is to improve the autonomy, healthy habits and sociability of these patients, as well as to create mutual help groups with their families and the medical and social professionals. Such pilot testing is not only a great opportunity for Prague and Sabadell but also helps to provide valuable feedback on how this kind of technology can be installed and utilised in a local context. As a result of the Triangulum implementation strategy of Prague, it is proposed to make use of video communication tools which could support that elderly people can stay longer self-sufficient at home.

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The Prague delegates also visited the innovative care department of Helsehuset office of the City of Stavanger which oversees innovation in the field of social and health care in their municipality. Mr. Bjarte Boe presented Stavanger’s approach for innovative care and shared his expert’s experience on the topic of smart home care. Afterwards, the group was led through a small exhibition, demonstrating helpful tools for homes for seniors and people with limited motoric abilities.

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Of course, the Prague representatives also attended the Nordic Edge Conference and Expo where they joined speeches, discussions and the general exhibition in order to get inspired and to learn from the presented smart city projects and initiatives. At the expo, the team participated in a guided thematic tour for health care. They discovered further technical devices which are working with sensors and which can be used in the field of smart homecare and learned about the Nordic health cluster. In addition, a session and a workshop on the topic of Better Ageing presented new inspiring ideas and projects. The visits affirmed that the innovative approach in the field of smart home care is essential for the future and beneficial in confronting the ageing population.

On 27 September, representatives of IPR Prague joined several workshops and discussions which were organized as part of the H2020 SCC1 Lighthouse- and Follower City day. Various communication leaders and city communication representatives from H2020 projects presented their success stories but also discussed problems and different approaches for communication and dissemination within their projects. The results of each participant’s presentation were directly visualized by a graphic facilitator in a very creative way in order to mirror the discussions.

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Finally, on Friday 28 September, the Prague representatives participated in the Cross-SCC Replication workshop which focused on fostering replication and upscaling of smart city solutions among the SCC1 community. During the workshop, IPR Prague, as a representative of a Follower City, was part of the panel discussion of Follower Cities where IPR shared the experiences which they have gathered during the course of the Triangulum project.

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We hope to transfer the energy and inspirations generated during this intensive week of workshops, trainings, discussions and speeches into the local projects that are already underway in Prague.