Prototyping of solutions to tackle Sabadell challenges

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Catalan and Eindhoven-based students from the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) continued the prototyping of solutions to face selected Sabadell challenges, as part of the TUE’s Master kick-off event and during an on-site visit to Sabadell coinciding with the Smart City Expo.

Participants of Master kick-off event in Sabadell (Picture: Ajuntament de Sabadell)

The focus of this prototyping before April 2019 will be in the field of 3D modelling of Sabadell, in order to geoposition relevant real-time and static data of the city on this 3D model. During the on-site visit, the students contrasted their ideas with municipal officers from the police, geographic information system (GIS) and energy departments, as well as with other public and private operators in the field of GIS and sensoring. Their proposal on 3D modelling (called “MOD3L”) was designated as one of the finalists of the City of Sabadell’s Coinnovem contest on the 6th November.

Students in Eindhoven connecting to Sabadell (Picture: Technical University of Eindhoven)