“Investing in Local Energy” Conference in Leeds

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“Empowering local authorities in the clean energy revolution” was the focus of this event, sponsored by Siemens, taking place in Manchester at 31st January.

The conference brought together the Departments for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Leeds Climate Commission and UK100 to discuss how local authorities can be empowered to create a local energy system fit for its residents and meeting climate change objectives.

The power to make this change depends on local authorities and the right funding, from either private investment or central government. The energy system in the UK has moved from centralised to decentralised power, and now more than a quarter of the electricity consumed across the UK comes from renewable sources. Learn more about CO2 reduction strategies in the UK, the Triangulum project and the role of project partner Siemens in the article by Carl Ennis, Managing Director of Siemens Energy Management at LinkedIN.