Replication of videoconferencing technologies in Sabadell

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A videoconferencing room has been installed at the Industrial Business Centre of Can Roqueta, to be used by the companies located in this centre, as well as companies and entities throughout the city.

This technology, mostly used in medium or large meetings, offers a high quality and comfort and facilitates exchange between local companies and other partners. It furthermore enables face-to-face meetings and presentations in their own space, and allows them to disseminate content through streaming systems to a wide public.

The space is already operational and can be booked in two formats: a small one with the possibility of projecting from laptops or mobile devices (up to eight simultaneous devices, wireless option available) and a digital whiteboard or a large one, additionally including videoconferencing and streaming tools.

Videoconferencing Tool (Picture: Ajuntament de Sabadell)

The videoconferencing service incorporates HD audio and video reception and emission equipment, as well as access to professional videoconferencing software with the possibility to convene tele-meetings of up to 30 people simultaneously, although it can also be used with any free software available online. The high definition camera provides a 90 degree vision field, with inclined or panoramic zoom adjustable through a remote control, in addition to setting predefined plans. At the same time, the “hands-free” audio system through a base station cancels echo and reduces ambient noise, which allows sharper communication. It includes a 65-inch touch screen, which facilitates the projection of content from a mobile device or laptop located in the same room. Moreover, it can broadcast live content through streaming options and the screen can be used as a digital whiteboard.

Our Follower City Sabadell develops a strategy of implementation of ten innovative solutions integrating the fields of energy, transport and ICT. In the case of videoconferencing, replication has occurred mainly in cooperation with the City of Stavanger, which has implemented the videoconferencing system in several homes for medical tele-assistance for the elderly.

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