Summary: Triangulum Webinar

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The third public webinar in our series of Triangulum webinars has taken place on 14 May at 10 AM (CEST). Whereas last year’s webinar series was centered around topics from within our Lighthouse Cities, such as urban biking or data platforms, the 2019 series focuses on the needs of our Follower Cities Prague, Sabadell and Leipzig. We specifically asked them “What are you interested in?” and “Where do you need some more input?” and the answers were quite clear!

Prague decided for a consortium-internal webinar at the end of March 2019 where they gathered the majority of Triangulum partners in a virtual webinar room to discuss some very specific topics. The results of these “secret” discussions will be available soon – come back for more information in the coming months.

Getting back to Sabadell, they told us that they are interested in hearing more about green mobility, especially with respect to schools. So we got Mark Cox from the City of Eindhoven to talk about this topic and to talk about how biking is done in the Netherlands (Spoiler: it’s different! Children seem to learn how to ride a bike before they learn how to walk…). Moreover, Vin Sumner, the CEO of Clicks and Links, an SME that has been very actively involved in our Lighthouse City Manchester, talked about city visualisation technologies by referring to the many benefits of virtual reality and teaching us about how digital twins support city development. Finally, Adrian Slatcher from the Manchester City Council presented the topic of IoT – the Internet of Things, explaining what it is and why the human element plays a crucial role in anything IoT related.

If you are interested in seeing what virtual reality biking looks like or in finding out what a “digital twin” actually is, then watch the recording of our webinar in our webinar section.

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