Energising Manchester – A Celebration of the work Triangulum in Manchester

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Manchester has set ambitious Zero Carbon 2038 objectives and recently announced a Climate Emergency. Funded from the EC Horizon 2020 programme, over the past five years the Triangulum project has developed, deployed and tested a suite of projects focused on low energy districts, integrated infrastructures and sustainable urban mobility in Manchester to help the city achieve its low carbon goals.

Manchester City Council, Siemens, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and SME partner Pixel Mill Digital have worked together to target a series of impacts: reduced energy consumption of buildings, increased use of renewable energies, increased use of electric vehicles, deployment of intelligent energy management technologies and an ICT data hub. Here’s a snapshot:

– Photovoltaic panels and an electrical energy storage solution managed by a microgrid controller at MMU, using energy from the grid when costs are low or from the battery when high.

– An innovative central controller that works alongside the microgrid controller to form a virtual power plant, sharing power across the Oxford Road Corridor between buildings from Manchester City Council and the University of Manchester.

– A new Building Energy Management System (BEMS) has been installed in the city art gallery. The BEMS manages equipment supporting the internal environmental parameters for the exhibition spaces at the gallery.

– A data hub, Manchester-i, collects data from across the city and the Oxford Road Corridor and makes it openly available. This forms an integral part of the new Manchester Urban Observatory, a new £1m facility using IoT sensors to collect data and test urban infrastructure systems in real-world settings.

– Shared electric vehicles for staff at Manchester Metropolitan University

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When: Tuesday, 10 December 2019 from 13:30 to 16:30 (GMT)

Manchester Art Gallery
Mosley Street Manchester
M2 3JL United Kingdom
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