Webinar Summary “The Wider Impacts of Triangulum”

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The final webinar of Triangulum “The Wider Impacts of Triangulum” took place on 28 January 2020 at 10 AM (CET). Speakers and their respective presentation titles were:
• Professor James Evans – Insights from 5 years of monitoring the Triangulum project
• Dr Kelly Watson – An overview of Monitoring and Assessment at Month 60
• Dr Dujuan Yang – Involving residents in monitoring energy retrofit projects
• Joe Lake Rees – Insights from combining SCIS with Triangulum

The webinar covered a brief overview of Triangulum, providing insights from its final year in terms of key lessons learned, leveraged value and other benefits, replication potential, etc. The webinar presented the monitoring and assessment framework and results from the final year and an example of how to involve residents in monitoring energy retrofit projects. Finally, an overview of the Triangulum experience with SCIS was given, including challenges of integrating this into a live project.

A recording of the webinar can be found at our “Webinar” section or our YouTube channel.

Presentations will be uploaded soon.