Summary of Lighthouse City Eindhoven

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Lighthouse City Eindhoven

In Eindhoven, two districts have been transformed into living labs during the Triangulum implementation: Strijp-S and Eckart-Vaartbroek. The former Philips industrial complex Strijp-S has now a district-wide ICT solution to allow residents to access different kinds of infrastructure, such as booking electric vehicles. The IT-based tool helps residents to develop sustainable patterns of energy and mobility behaviour. A different set of challenges is posed by the Eckart-Vaartbroek district, where energy-efficient renovations are carried out on rental and privately owned houses. To precisely calculate the energy savings, the mobile app called WoonConnect is capable of modelling costs and savings. Just around the corner of these houses, a running route around two ponds was launched in 2017 to encourage residents to move and to be active.

Backbone at Strijp-S

In Strijp-S, Triangulum focusses on energy, mobility and ICT. Here, a fibre-optic backbone functions as a Smart City connectivity enabler, welcoming different services into a secure and manageable environment and making sure that dataflow/transport is at its highest possible availability level (currently 99,82%).

Traditionally, we see mobility as separate solutions delivered by different partners and via different portals. At Strijp-S, we decided to make the shift towards mobility as a platform. In short, we bring in a local brand that takes care of offering all types of available mobility solutions on both an on- and an offline platform. In Strijp-S, we implemented another tool for energy saving in combination with increased comfort of office-space by adding hard- & software (sensors, actuators, user feedback and data-analytics) on top of traditional energy systems.

Renovations in Eckart- Vaartbroek

Woonbedrijf developed an interactive process, including the digital tool WoonConnect, for tenants to take renovations into their own hands. They are able to choose the energy saving measures as well as e the starting date of the renovation. To make this possible, with the help of WoonCoonnect, a customer journey is made to guide the tenant through the process. In general, the digital tool is easy to use. But for tenants that are not able to do so, for different reasons, guidance is available. At this point, 195 houses have been renovated, that is, 76% of the neighbourhood. So far, 875 solar panels have been installed. The work will continue in 2020.

Running Route

The municipality has implemented a running route around two ponds and placed dimmable lights on the right side of the southern pond. One of the main advantages of the smart running route around the ponds in Eckart-Vaartbroek is that people are encouraged to move and to be more active! But also: residents interact during walking or while exercising, such that they get to know each other, enhancing the social control in the neighborhood as well.

Next steps

We will continue working in the quadruple helix at organization and management level, as we do successfully in the Brainport region. Woonbedrijf and the municipality will continue involving tenants and inhabitants to actively participate in projects. As a spin-off of Triangulum, the Urban Data Center and the Urban Data Platform ( of the municipality has been developed. Also, participation in the project Synchronicity, which ended in 2019, is an outcome of participation in Triangulum. Woonconnect is already used in other cities to stimulate homeowners to take energy saving measures. Lessons learned in area development in Strijp-S will be applied in other developments like in the city of Zwolle.   

Finished renovations in Eindhoven Eckart-Vaartbroek (Credits: Municipality of Eindhoven)
Strijp-S (Credits: Municipality of Eindhoven)