Summary of Lighthouse City Manchester

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For Manchester, the achievements focus on developing energy storage combined with solar PV, optimising existing buildings, a study of microgrid independence, as well as a roll out of electric vehicles and “try-out” e-cargo bike scheme.  Data from all of these has been incorporated into an open data platform – Manchester-i.

Innovation Challenge

All the Triangulum assets generated data but how can the city use it to make decisions and manage the city? Innovate4Manchester was a collaboration between the Triangulum Manchester partners, Ordnance Survey (the UK’s national mapping agency) and their Geovation Team plus the Open Geospatial Commission. The work an improved 3D city models of the city’s innovation district and workshop for different city departments to draw up a “wish list” on city issues.

A final event was an innovation challenge where participants were supported to generate and develop potential solutions and innovative ideas based on the city stakeholder workshop and the 3D model.

A new Manchester Observatory

Post project the Manchester-I platform will become a data solution for the Manchester Urban Observatory. The University of Manchester has been successful in obtaining funding for this as part of a UK wide project focused on the digital capture, mapping, sensing and monitoring of urban infrastructure systems.  Funded by EPSRC as part of UKCRIC, the mission is to create an integrated research capability to underpin the renewal, sustainment and improvement of infrastructure for UK cities.

Manchester-I (Credits: