Summary of Follower City Sabadell

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The Municipality of Sabadell has participated in the Triangulum project together with its linked third parties Habitatges Municipals de Sabadell, SA, Informàtica Ajuntament de Sabadell and Promoció Econòmica de Sabadell SL. It has received a European grant of around 400,000 euros.

Sabadell’s main outcome in Triangulum has been the elaboration of the city’s follower city implementation strategy (FCIS): •10 actions, 50% implemented on the 31st January 2020 •Based on a previous DPSIR analysis at the city level -108 indicators and action fields-, ideation and co-design work in 4-helix -3 workshops with the local innovation ecosystem in Sabadell-, and receiving inspiration and training of the “lighthouse” cities -2 visits, 6 workshops, >10 webinars- and all the Horizon 2020 SCC-1 cities. •Overall around 500 local stakeholders have been involved during the project

Focus on the main FCIS implemented actions:

•Cross-cutting real-time IoT data integration complying with the Triangulum ICT reference architecture (“Sentilo” open-source software). “Beta” version available at

•LYSE’s “Blink” social & health remote care technology tested with 5 users of AVAN, non-profit Association Vallès Friends of Neurology, to be scaled-up to other Sabadell health/social local providers

•Virtual reality bike tour through Sabadell with the goal of urban mobility training / participatory urban planning (under study, advanced stage)•

•Purchase of 67 e-cars/e-vans and 11 e-bikes/e-scooters during 2018-2019

•Sound sensors at the city centre public space to detect criminality/incivilities, connected with existing surveillance cameras and public lighting, and alerting the Local Police (under study, advanced stage)

•MOD3L, 1st prototype of a digital and physical 3D model with Sabadell geodata, elaborated by students of the Technical University of Eindhoven and the Autonomous University of Barcelona

•1st. purchase of equipment for a new maker space in Sabadell (high-quality laser cutter, graphic design software, computer), installed at the local School of Carpentry

More information on the Triangulum implementation in Sabadell:

Replication in Sabadell (Credits: City of Sabadell)